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Here are links to the tools and other products I have mentioned in this tutorial
NOTE: This is just a list of suppliers I found online. I am not endorsing any of them and take no responsibility for the services they render either good or bad.

Corel Graphics Suite: I’m still using version 14. Later versions are available:  CLICK HERE

Clear acetate for overhead projector:  Printable transparency film is available at most big-box office supply stores. CLICK HERE

Wide freezer paper: you have to buy a whole roll, but here it is: CLICK HERE

Overhead projector:  You can probably find one used on eBay for a much better price, but here’s what Staples has. Office Depot has them too: CLICK HERE

Flexible curve tool: Get the longest and best quality one you can find. Here’s a 40” one at Nancy’s Notions: CLICK HERE

Magic Rub Eraser:  You can get this at almost any office or art supply store. Here’s one at Office Depot: CLICK HERE

Horn of America Sewing Cabinets & Tables: CLICK HERE

Light Stick: If you can’t find one at your local hardware store, here’s one that’s 24” online at True Value: CLICK HERE
The 12” light stick may be harder to find. I don’t remember where I found mine.

Sharpie Markers are available at every office supply store.

Caryl’s Benartex Fabrics: I don’t have a list of the shops that buy all of my various collections of fabric, so check with your local quilt shop. Online, Joy’s Fabric and Quilts has:
Electric Feather: CLICK HERE
Gradations & New Wave: CLICK HERE

UV Protective Film: We got ours through a local installer and don’t remember the brand. You’ll get lots of results if you google it.

Heavy Duty Styrofoam Insulation Board: CLICK HERE

Wide Flannel for covering a work wall: I got mine at Hancocks of Paducah, but they don’t seem to have it listed online. Here’s another source: CLICK HERE

Fons & Porter Directional Arrow Pins:  CLICK HERE

Magnetic Pin Bowl by Dritz Longarm:  CLICK HERE

Drawer stack taborets: CLICK HERE

Hollow core door for ironing table: You can get hollow core doors at any lumber yard or home center. You local lumber yard can probably order a custom size to fit your space. The ironing table fabric is 38” wide, so you probably can’t use anything wider than that. My previous Port Townsend studio was tiny, so I had a 54” door made to fit the space. For my present studio I got a standard 80” door. In some of the pictures you saw the two of them stacked on top of each other. Here’s an example from Home Depot: CLICK HERE

Base for ironing table:  For many years I just rested my ironing table on my 27” drawer stacks.  As time went by, however, I found a higher work-surface more comfortable. The ideal solution was a custom Parsons table base. I had it made the same height as my cutting/drawing tables. I can roll three drawer stacks under it on each side, with enough room to store thin, flat thing like my portable light box on top. The table base was made to order by Doug Mockett & Company, Inc.: CLICK HERE

I also got some table legs and attached them to a 16” x 8’ white laminate shelf board from Home Depot. It became a narrow table in my bay window for pencil holders and other accessories, and three more drawer stacks fit underneath.

Silicone ironing board cover fabric: This is the best ironing surface ever, and as far as I can tell, only one company sells it. It is called Miracle Ironing Board Cover Fabric and it is from a company called Measure Matic:  CLICK HERE

Reliable Digital Velocity Iron: Unfortunately, at most places I checked online, it seems to be out of stock. Here’s a link to one place that seems to have it in stock:  CLICK HERE

Gingher Scissors: They are the best scissors I have found anywhere.  CLICK HERE

Japanese paper-cutting scissors: Hmmm… the ones I have are old and not available any more. I do LOVE the applique scissors by Karen Kay Buckley. The come in several different sizes and are great for getting in and out of tight curves. CLICK HERE

Floor to ceiling poles: The bottom is a Twist Tight Adjustable Tension Shower Rod. You can buy them at Walmart and probably a bunch of other places too. CLICK HERE

The tops of mine are made from an aluminum clothesline prop, which used to be available at the local True Value Hardware Store. Now all I can find are plastic or steel poles. An easier solution is to just by electrical conduit pipe, which is readily available and easy to cut with a hand held pipe cutter.
$3.54 for 10’ at Lowe’s: CLICK HERE

Pipe cutter: CLICK HERE

Aluminum Bar: Available at almost any hardware store, usually in the window department. I also use this to make hanging rods for all of my quilts up to 54”.  CLICK HERE
48” rotary ruler and 5’x10’ mega mat: Quilter Rule:  CLICK HERE
Little LED lights: Mine are old, and lighting is changing almost daily. Here’s something similar sold by an embroidery company:  CLICK HERE
Invisible Polyester Thread: My favorite is Superior MonoPoly. Polyester monofilament is also made by Sulky and Madeira.  CLICK HERE
Schmetz Microtex Sharp 60/8 needles:  CLICK HERE
Clip-on flip-up magnifiers: CLICK HERE
African Porcupine Quill: Mine was given to me as a gift and I love it and use it all the time. Here’s one company I found that sells them one at a time: CLICK HERE
3M Photo Mount Spray Adhesive: CLICK HERE
40” x 60” Foam Board: I bought a whole box of 12. Hopefully you can find a local art supply store where they sell single quantities or plan to split it with your quilt group. It also makes a great backdrop for displaying small quilts a guild meetings: CLICK HERE
 Retractable Cord Reel — 30-Ft. extension cord with Triple Tap: I hope you like red, because they don’t seem to come in black and white anymore.  CLICK HERE
Supreme Free-Motion Slider: Hmmmm… they don’t seem to make the really big ones anymore, but here’s where you would find them: CLICK HERE
Free instructions for a simple quilt suspension system:  CLICK HERE
Clamps for making a quilt suspension system: Irwin Quick Grip Clamp:  CLICK HERE
Cord lock for quilt suspension system:  CLICK HERE
Parachute cord for suspension system:  CLICK HERE
Extruded Aluminum Framing for a fancy quilt suspension system:  CLICK HERE
Legacy Quilting Machine: You can’t buy this machine anymore, but here’s the link if you want to read about it: CLICK HERE
Elfa wire drawer units: CLICK HERE
My favorite thread snips: CLICK HERE
Button magnets for attaching thread snips to the sewing machine:  CLICK HERE
Machingers quilting gloves: CLICK HERE
Round bobbin holder: CLICK HERE

If I have missed something that you saw in this tutorial, let me know and I’ll try to remember where I got it or find a source for it. caryl@bryerpatch.com

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