Aurora #1
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Aurora #1  •  40” x 72”  • Copyright © 1988  Caryl Bryer Fallert  •  Bryerpatch Studio •  www.bryerpatch.com

  • Copyright 1988 Caryl Bryer Fallert
  • Size: 40" x 72"
  • Techniques: Hand dyed and painted, pleated, machine pieced, and quilted
  • Materials: fabric: 100% cotton  / 100% wool blanket
  • Private Collection, St.Louis, MO
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Design Concept

This is the second in a series of quilts in which three-dimensional, twisted tucks are incorporated into a string pieced background. Both the tucks and the background are pieced from 100% cotton print cloth, dyed in an eleven shade progression from black to white. This quilt is about the Aurora Borealis (northern lights). The illusion of movement in the background of the quilt is enhanced by the contrast between the front and back sides of the three-dimensional tucks as they twist across the surface of the quilt. Contrast is created by intersecting two different arrangements of light to dark progressions.

The traditional quilt block (Log Cabin) on the back of this contemporary design quilt is my tribute to the creativity of the anonymous quilt artists of the past.

String piecing hand-dyed gradations of grey onto
a paper template with angle lines drawn.

Two templates aligned on ironing board
ready to be joined
String pieced background about half finished on the design wall.
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Aurora #1  •  detail  • Copyright © 1988  Caryl Bryer Fallert  •  Bryerpatch Studio •  www.bryerpatch.com
Aurora #1  •  40” x 72”  • quilt back  • Copyright © 1988  Caryl Bryer Fallert  •  Bryerpatch Studio •  www.bryerpatch.com
quilt back

side views


  • Black and White, Piber 15 Group Show, Neville-Sargent Gallery, Chicago, IL 1988
  • American International Quilt Association Show, Houston, TX, 1988
  • The Works Gallery, Contemporary Quilt Invitational, Philadelphia, PA, April 1989
  • Interwoven Designs Gallery, Layered, Pieced, Painted, Stitched, Invitational Exhibit, St.Louis, MO 1989


  • The Flying Needle, National Standards Council of american Embroiderers, February, 1989
  • Quilt World, Feb/Mar 1990, p33
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