Fibonacci Series #9
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• Copyright © 2012 Caryl Bryer Fallert
• Size: 30" x 30" (76cm x 76cm)
• Techniques: machine pieced and quilted
• Materials: Fabric: 100% cotton, Batting: 50% cotton / 50% bamboo
• Owner: Private Collection

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Design Concept

The design for this quilt is based on the orderly progressions of scale, observed in nature by thirteenth century mathematician Leonard Fibonacci. The entire quilt, including the back was made from leftover strips of fabric from my Gradations Collection from Benartex. The strips were cut into 1.5", 2.5", 3.5" & 5.5" widths to finish in the Fibonacci proportions (1-2-3-5) when sewn together. Strips were selected randomly without regard for color, only contrast. They were sewn together until their width was 30.5". The strip-pieced fabric was cross cut into strips in the same proportions, and every other strip was rotated 180 degrees, so some of the seamlines line up and other do not. These strips were sewn together until they formed a 30" square. One strip was left and this runs diagonally across the back of the quilt, with other fabrics from Caryl collections completing the the back. Unlike the 2011 Fibonacci quilts I have quilted this piece in the style of my earlier Fibonacci Series quilts with decorative feather patterns. Each of the five feathers is quilted in a different, contrasting, light-colored thread. The negative spaces are quilted with darker, variegated thread in a pattern of loops and crescent shapes. The "Gradations" fabrics used in this quilt are available in our Internet Store

  • Bryerpatch Studio, Paducah KY, January 2012


  • Quilters Newsletter Magazine: Dec. 2012 / Jan. 2013, p. 43


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