Kirlian Fields • 22” x 22” Copyright © 1994 • Caryl Bryer Fallert

Kirlian Fields
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  • Copyright © 1994  Caryl Bryer Fallert
  • 22" wide X 22" high
  • 100% cotton fabric, machine embroidered, and quilted
  • Private collection

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Design concept

The title Kirlian Fields refers to a type of photography which is able to record the fields of electromagnetic energy which surrounds us in various configurations and colors.
This is the third in a series of small embroidered quilts in which a female figure, cut from hand-painted fabric is used as part of a dreamlike composition. These are part of a series of small works in which my process is very much like doodling with fabric, i.e. the design was developed spontaneously, working directly on the background with bits of fabric and thread. Each part of the design grew out of the last, just as a doodle grows to fill a page when the mind is engaged elsewhere.


The background fabric was hand painted with fiber reactive dye. The figure had already been cut from a second hand-painted fabric and the leftover scraps were laid on the painted background, leaving the negative outline of the figure. The composition was then stitch with radiating bands of machine embroidery in various colors of thread, which visually cover the original fabric of the figure outline.
The embroidered composition was surrounded with a border of black fabric and quilted in a freeform design that echoes the embroidered design.


  • Intuition: The Direction in Craft, 1994, Gallery of Artifacts and Treasures, exhibition catalog COVER
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  • Small Works: The Gallery at Studio B. 1994, (invitational QSDS faculty exhibition) Lancaster, OH
  • A Celebration of Creativity, Whitewater Spinners and Weavers, 1994, juried, Whitewater, WI
  • Intuition: The Direction in Craft, 1994, Gallery of Artifacts and Treasures, Juried, Daytona Beach FL
  • 22nd Anniversary National, Juried Exhibit, Wisconsin Women in the Arts, 1995, Anderson Art Center, Kenosha, WI
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