After the Rain
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  • Copyright 1993 Caryl Bryer Fallert
  • Size: 46" high x 44" wide
  • Techniques: Hand dyed and painted, machine pieced, and quilted
  • Materials: fabric: 100% cotton  / batting: 80% cotton / 20% polyester
  • Collection of the Illinois State Museum, Springfield, IL

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Design Concept

This is the first in a series of painted, whole cloth quilts. The fabric was painted with fiber reactive dye in an expressionistic design. Small bits of fabric dyed in color gradations were laid on the surface and stitched down. The fabric was then layered and quilted heavily by machine in a freeform pattern that was stitched freehand with no marking of the quilt top. The multicolored, machine quilting becomes a major design element in this piece, providing a foreground dimension that is contrapuntal to (harmonious with, but different from) the painted design.

This quilt was begun on the last day of a Midwestern Summer in which there were only eight sunny days, and record flooding in many areas. It represents my delight in the sun, when it finally emerged, and the lush growth of all forms of vegetation, due to the daily rainfall.

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  • Permanent Collection of the Illinois State Museum, Springfield, IL
  • SPECTRUM: THE TEXTILE ART OF CARYL BRYER FALLERT, 1996-1997, Two year traveling, solo exhibition: Illinois Art Gallery, State of Illinois Bldg., Chicago, IL; Illinois State Museum, Springfield, IL
  • THE ARTISANS ART, Barrington Area Arts Council Gallery , 1993, (invitational) Barrington, IL
  • SYNNOTT & ASSOCIATES, Lobby Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Dec.1993-Feb.1994, Chicago, IL


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