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High Tech Tucks #5
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  • Copyright 1986  Caryl Bryer Fallert
  • 40" wide X 46" high (101 cm x 116 cm)
  • 100% cotton fabric, hand dyed, machine pieced, pleated and machine quilted
  • Quilt National '87 cover quilt
  • Marbaum Collection, San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, San Jose, California
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Design Concept

This is the fifth in a series of quilts incorporating twisted, constructed tucks into a pieced background. The background is composed of rectangles hand dyed in a fourteen step gradation between black and white. One side of each tuck is also made from one of the shades of gray in this gradation. The other side of the tacks are made from a nineteen shade gradation from green to blue to purple to fuchsia. The tucks are constructed separately and inserted into the seams of the background. They are then twisted and stitched down with curving lines of quilting, to give the illusion of movement over the surface of the quilt.

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The subtitle"cold-wave" refers to a week of bitterly cold weather which occurred in early November of 1986 while I was working on this quilt. The undulation of the tucks reminded me of the cold winds outside.

This was the first of my quilts to be accepted into the biannual Quilt National show in Athens, Ohio. It was one of the highlights of my early career as a professional quilt artists, because a detail of the quilt was used on the cover of the Quilt National catalog and the quilt was purchased by Hillary and Marvin Fletcher, organizers of Quilt National, and hung in their home for many years. The Fletchers' personal collection has now become the Marbaum Collection.

After this quilt was finished, I went on to make more than a hundred other quilts in the "tucks" collection and still have a set of instructions and a workshop on CD-ROM available for this technique through the Bryerpatch Studio Internet Store.


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  • Texas Quilt Museum, Marbaum Collection, Autumn, 2015


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