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  • Copyright © 2001 Caryl Bryer Fallert
  • Size: 78" x 78"
  • Techniques: Original photography, original individual photo collages, original, computer-assisted design, ink jet printed, machine pieced, machine quilted
  • Materials: Fabric: 100% cotton • Batting: 80% cotton / 20% polyester
  • Price: $10,000.00

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Design Concept

In 2000, I spent seven weeks touring and teaching in South Africa. This quilt grew out of the 43 rolls of film I took while I was there. It represents the beauty and hope of this very complex and diverse country.

Every fabric in this quilt was individually designed on my computer, and then printed on an ink jet printer.  A liquid fabric soak called Bubble Jet Set makes the ink permenant on the fabric.  To find out more about this process, go to The Bubble Jet Set information page.

These are more than just photos printed on fabric. Each 60° diamond shaped template contains a collage of two to four different photographic images. Secondary kaleidoscopic images develop where six diamonds come together to form the six pointed stars. Between the stars are individual diamond shapes that feature single animals and birds of South Africa. The lacy black border surrounding each of these diamonds is created from the silhouette of a typical flat-topped African tree.

The images I used were selected to illustrate the diversity, beauty, hope, and complexity of South Africa, as it struggles to recreate itself as a democracy with equal rights for all.

The name of the quilt came from the six pointed stars that form where the 60° diamonds come together in the quilt. It also refers to the "Star of Africa" diamond, the world's largest diamond, which was discovered in South Africa in the late 1800's. The diamond, source of much of South Africa's wealth, seemed like an appropriate shape to use in a quilt about this country.

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  • American Quilters Society Show, 2001, Paducah, KY  (Second Place)
  • Minnesota Quilters Conference 2001, Duluth, MN, June (teachers invitational exhibition)
  • Quilt America 2001, Indianapolis, IN, (honorable mention)
  • World Quilt & Textile, 2001, Lansing MI & Greensboro, NC
  • International Quilt Association Show, (juried) Quilt Festival, Houston, TX 2001
  • International Quilt Festival Japan, Tokyo Dome, Tokyo Japan, January, 2002
  • Spring Quilt Festival: Faculty Exhibition, 2003, Rosemont, IL
  • Solo Exhibition: Little White School Musuem, Oswego, IL 2003
  • Fabric Cottage, Annual Quilt Festival, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 2004
  • "Evolving Styles - 20 Years of Color & Design" Solo Exhibition: LaConner Quilt Museum, LaConner WA, March 16 - May 15, 2005
  • Caryl Bryer Fallert: Silver Star Salute: Retrospective Exhibition, International Quilt Market & International Quilt Festival, October 27-November 5, 2006, Houston, TX
  • Caryl Bryer Fallert: A Retrospective, New England Quilt Museum, Lowell, MA, August 20 - October 31, 2015
  • Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry: 40 Years of Color, Light, & Motion
  • Photos Pixels & Pizzazz, (solo exhibition) Lattimer Center for Quilts and Textiles, Tillamook, OR, May 3-June 27, 2021


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Below are closeup details of this quilt. These are small images that will load fast. If you want to see the details really close, click on any of the small image, and a larger image will load. .



Star #1: Dancer from the Bartels Art Trust in Durban, a multi-ethnic dance troup portraying the hope for a new South Africa. The plant in the background is an unusual, prehistoric and endangered survivor found in the botanic gardens in Durban.
Star #2: The pink flower is the giant protea, national flower of South Africa. The area surrounding Cape Town countains the smallest and most diverse of the worlds seven eco-systems. Over one hundered fifty different species of protea for part of this eco-system. The yellow flower is another member of the protea family.
Star #3: Another member of the protea family.
Star #4: Baboon mother and baby with giant protea and unidentified orange flower from the Cape Town botanic gardens.
Star #5: George and Bill, best friends for life, they show us the way. Standing in front of two colorful houses in the Muslim district of Cape Town. The outer corners are an architectural detail from the Hari Krishna Temple in Durban. The flower is a member of the protea family.
Star #6: Red protea with unidentified while spherical flower from the Botanic Gardens in Cape Town
Star #7: Iridescent blue starling found begging at every picnic in Kruger Park. Unidentified ornage flower from the Botanic Gardens in Cape Town.
Star #8: African Sculpture from the outdoor sculpture garden in the Botanic Gardens in Cape Town. Barbed wire from the wall surrounding the prison on Robin Islans where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated. Unidentified ruffely red flower from the Bontnic Gardens in Durban.
Star #9: Giraffe from Kruger Park. Unidentified flower from Durban.
Star #10: Dancer from the Bartels Art Trust in Durban, a multi-ethnic dance troup portraying the hope for a new South Africa. The aloe plant found everywhere on the Karoo (dry inland areas of South Africa)
Star #11: Head of Zebra, Kruger Park. Giant protea: national flower of South Africa
Star #12: Penguin from southern coast near Cape of Good Hope. Giant protea.
Star #13: Giant protea bud from Botanic Gardens, Cape Town, and yellow billed hornbill from Kruger Park
Star #14: Dancer from the Bartels Art Trust in Durban, a multi-ethnic dance troup portraying the hope for a new South Africa. The southern coast near Hermonos, within sight of the southern most point on the African continent.
Star #15: African Sculpture from the outdoor sculpture garden in the Botanic Gardens in Cape Town. bird of paradise flower from Botanic Gardens, Cape Town.
Star #16: Monkey in tree in Kruger Park. Close up of bird of paradise flower from Botanic Gardens, Cape Town.
Star #17: Waterbuck from Kruger Park peeking through boganville blossoms from Durban.
Star #18: Light on trees in Botanic Gardens in Durban. Bird of paradise flower from Botanic Gardens, Cape Town. Lilac brested roller in flight, Kruger Park.
Star #19: Giant protea, fuzzy yellow member of the protea family and unidentified white flower from Botanic Gardens, Cape Town.
Star #20: Sacred Ibis, Durban. Red foliage, Durban. Unidentified white flower, Johannesburg.
Star #21: Ground hornbill from Kruger Park (very endangered and rare) Unidentified red bell flower from Botanic Gardens, Cape Town. Sunset behind flat top trees, Kruger Park
Star #22: Zulu man in traditional garb with traditional musican instrument. Kwa-Zulu, Natal. Euphobia plant, Hluhluwe Game Reserve, Kwa-Zulu, Natal.
Diamond #11: White Rhino, Hluhluwe Game Reserve
Diamond #12: Zebra, Hluhluwe Game Reserve
Diamond #18: Elephant, Kruger Park
Diamond #20: Starlings, Kruger Park
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