Feathers in the Wind #2
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  • Copyright 2012 Caryl Bryer Fallert
  • Size: 30" wide x 30" high (76cm x 76cm)
  • Techniques: Machine piecing, machine quilting
  • Materials: fabric: 100% cotton  / batting: 50% cotton/50% bamboo
  • Owner: Private collection, Naperville, IL

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Design Concept

This quilt is one of a series of quilts based upon a series of original drawings of fantasy feathers. In this piece I have used many different fabrics from my "Gradations Collection"(available at Paper Pieces), which I designed for Benartex, based on my original hand dyed gradations. The juxtaposition of intersecting gradations in the plumes of the feathers creates the illusion that they are lit from within, rather than from an outside source. The background was pieced from sky colors. The machine quilting was done freehand with many different colors of thread.

The design for this quilt began with a series of small sketches, in pencil and marker, in which I tried a number of different arrangements of plumes. Some have six plumes and some only five.

I picked the one I liked the best and printed several copies on a page then drew in backgrounds.

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When I finally found a background arrangement I liked, the image was printed on a piece of transparent acetate, and projected onto a piece of freezer paper that was 31" square. I drew the design on freezer paper with pencil, refined it, and cut the freezer paper drawing apart to make templates for cutting my fabric. I made the quilt top a little larger than the finished quilt to allow for the shrinkage that occurs with dense quilting.



  • Fine Quilting & Fiber Art Guide: Paducah Kentucky, 2013 Paducah Convention & Visitors Bureau, Paducah KY, COVER, p. 3

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Installation at International Quilt Market & Festival, 2013, Houston, TX
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