High Tech Tucks #4
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  • Copyright 1986  Caryl Bryer Fallert
  • 59" wide X 28" high
  • 100% cotton fabric, hand dyed, machine pieced, pleated and machine quilted
  • Owner: Marbaum Collection, Athens, Ohio
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Design Concept

This piece was commissioned by friends in Kenelworth, Illinois. This is the sixth in a series of quilts incorporating twisted, constructed tucks into a pieced background. The background is composed of one” squares in five colors, green, blue, brown, yellow, and coral, and eight shades of each color. The tucks are light to dark brown on one side and gradations of the other colors on the other sides. The tucks are twisted along diagonal quilting lines to reveal the color gradations on both sides. The composition is a triptych, meant to fill a long narrow horizontal space above a sideboard.


  • Quilting by the Lake Symposium, 1986, Cazenovia, NY (solo exhibition)


  • None


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